Multicoloured Gemstones & Diamonds Dharmachakra Pendant

Multicoloured Gemstones & Diamonds Dharmachakra Pendant


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The multicoloured sapphires, hessonite garnets and round brilliant diamonds yellow gold dharmachakra pendant embodies faith and piety. Its intricate design features hessonite garnets at the centre, diamonds on the outer ring, and multicoloured sapphires on the spokes, symbolising the wheel of dharma.  


Type: 18kt Yellow Gold
Pendant Gold Weight: 1.600 Grams
Finish: Polished

Type – Diamonds
Clarity – I1
Color – G
Shape – Round
Diamonds 1.30 mm Quantity – 24 Pieces
Diamonds 1.30 mm Weight – 0.20 Carats
Diamonds 1.50 mm Quantity – 08 Pieces
Diamonds 1.50 mm Weight – 0.10 Carats
Total Diamonds Quantity – 32 Pieces
Total Diamonds Weight – 0.30 Carats

Type – Multi Color Sapphires & Hessonite Garnet
Size – 1.50 mm
Shape – Round
Quantity – 32 Pieces
Weight – 0.60 Carats


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